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We help fashion companies design, implement and communicate the most effective sustainability practices.

Let's design together the best path for you

We have a goal: to allow companies to withstand time and the needs of future generations.

For us at Cikis, sustainability is the path that leads to the creation of profit, which is the practical, intellectual and moral benefit of those who participate in the development of a company that will resist time and the needs of future generations. This, for us, is the essence of sustainability, which is nothing more than doing a good business.

50 %

Executive of fashion companies who made sustainability a priority during the pandemic1.

The market is changing

1.7 mld

To stay within the limit of +1.5° by 2030, fashion must reduce its emissions by additional 1.7 billion tons compared to the reduction already underway1.

Sustainability is needed today, not tomorrow

50 %

Consumers who plan to replace their favorite brands with more sustainable ones2.

Sustainability is an opportunity

¹ Fashion on climate, McKinsey, 2020
² The Pulse of the Fashion Industry 2019 update, Global Fashion Agenda, Boston Consulting Group and Sustainable Apparel Coalition

We are specialised in fashion sustainability consultancy

We help companies define strategic sustainability objectives and design an operational plan to achieve them, supporting them step by step in the practical implementation.

Sustainability assessment

Strategy, Vision and sustainability planning

Sustainability communication

Compliance with Buyers' requests

Sustainable collections

Traceability of the supply chain

"I can feel guilty about the past, apprehensive about the future, but only in the present can I act."

Abraham Maslow

Cikis is the best Partner for you

We have a proprietary fashion-specific framework

Each sector has its specific characteristics, which is why our assessment framework was developed specifically for fashion companies, to allow them to identify strengths and improvement points.

We guide companies from strategy to implementation

We guide Companies' teams step by step and bring concrete results, from improving market perception to streamlining processes and expanding the customer target.

We are up to date with the challenges of today and tomorrow

The market has evolved and is demanding concrete actions. Our approach allows companies to understand and implement the necessary sustainability activities in the best way for each of them.

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Our 4-step approach will guide you team throughout the whole transformation process


Assessment and compliance

Our proprietary framework verifies that the company, products and supply chain are compliant with Buyers' sustainability requests and industry best practices and identifies the activities to be implemented.


Vision, quick win and planning

We define the company's sustainability identity consistent with its values and its positioning on the market and we plan a short, medium and long-term sustainability roadmap.


Implementation and communication

We follow the company in the creation of ethical codes, collection design, supply chain tracking and communication. We monitor the results so that the company can take advantage of them.


Knowledge transfer

Once projects have been implemented, we make sure to transfer our knowledge to the company to make it independent in its decisions and make sustainability part of its know-how.

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Let's design together the best path for you

Based on the company's objectives, we will define together the plan to achieve them in the most effective way.

Tell us about your company and we will contact you for additional information.

Some of our case studies

  • Il Gufo

    Sustainability Workshops

    We have structured training workshops for the company's various departments to create a shared culture of sustainability and increase the company's technical know-how.

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  • Replay

    Creation of the Vision and design of the sustainability web page

    We created the Vision and the sustainability payoff (Reduce, Rethink, Replay) and designed the web page that describes the company's commitment to the environmental and social fields.

    read more >>
  • Rosso35

    Sustainability assessment

    We have supported the company in identifying priorities to improve its environmental and social performance.

    read more >>
  • UEFA

    Circular Economy in the UCL

    We have worked for UEFA to support the transition of the UEFA Champions League to circular F&B practices

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  • La Martina

    Sustainability strategy

    We have supported the company in identifying the best path towards reducing the environmental impact.

    read more >>
  • Atlantis Headwear

    Product framework and revision of sustainability claims

    We have verified the company’s sustainability claims to ensure technical correctness and alignment with the guidelines of the product certifications. We have also designed their product sustainability framework.

    read more >>
  • Attesa Maternity

    Compliance with Zalando and sustainability strategy

    We have supported the company in responding to Zalando's requests for sustainability and in defining an environmental impact reduction plan.

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  • Filpucci

    Sustainability communication

    We have identified the company’s strengths to be enhanced, created its sustainability vision and prepared its sustainability communication material and brochure.

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  • AO76

    Sustainability Training Program

    We have organised a Sustainability Training Program for the various departments of the company, with the goal of creating a shared culture in sustainability and improving the company's technical knowledge in this field.

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"Cikis' sustainability assessment has allowed us to understand our top priorities to reduce our impact."

Luca Signorelli

"Cikis' support simplifies and clarifies our choices regarding materials, certifications, compensation and all that is necessary for the path of reducing environmental impact."

Samuele Sozzi

"Sustainability is an increasingly urgent need, but the breadth of implications is very wide. Cikis' skills have allowed us to identify the best route towards reducing the impact of our company."

Enrico Roselli
La Martina

"The work with Cikis has allowed us to achieve concrete goals within a few months and to solve our doubts about the most sustainable materials."

Giacomo Martinelli
Attesa Maternity

"In our path towards sustainability, we have set important goals and Cikis has proved to be a fundamental partner in communicating our commitment responsibly. Their skills were fundamental in structuring the strategy and planning future actions."

Morena Vukobratovic
Atlantis Headwear

Our team

We represent the sustainable natives: we guide fashion companies to improve market perception, streamline processes and expand the customer target.

Serena Moro

To design and develop your sustainability strategy

Sustainability consultant specialised in project planning, with specific attention to the development of sustainable and traced supply chains.
She has founded Cikis to make a concrete impact in the world of fashion.

Francesca Poratelli

To analyse your sustainability level

After a work experience in Yamamay, she decided to specialize in the field of sustainability. She has dealt with sustainability assessments for companies ranging from outdoor clothing to textile merchandising.

Paolo Meola

To help you digitalize your processes

Co-founder and Partner of one of the main Italian digital agencies, Paolo has a background in digital marketing and digital transformation. He is one of the promoters and founders of Forest Valley, a start-up network in climate innovation.

Marco Setti

To communicate your commitment

Designer specialised in Brand Image and visual identity.
Marco has five years of experience in a Creative Agency. As Art Director, he accompanies brands in their visual identity renewal process. He is a partner of Cikis Studio.

Valentina Di Leo

To design your sustainability vision

For 15 years she has been supporting companies and associations in the construction of effective communication strategies. She is a Partner of Forest Valley, the non-profit created to accelerate climate innovation in Europe. 

Federica Bertolani

For an independent evaluation of our methodology

Federica has several years of experience in sustainability for the fashion and luxury sector, working in companies such as YNAP, Kering Group and consulting firms such as EY and Eco-Age. She is sustainability advisor of Cikis Studio.

Enrico Roselli

For an independent opinion on the integrity of our method

Enrico has more than 20 years of experience as CEO of La Martina. A law graduate, Enrico is also co-founder of the Digital Fashion Academy. He is advisor and partner of Cikis Studio.

Talking about us

We have organized sustainability trainings for

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