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Methodology for sustainability

We guide companies to respond to the challenges of today and tomorrow with our 4-step approach.


Assessment e compliance


Vision, quick wins and planning


Implementation and communication


Knowledge transfer

Assessment and compliance

The assessment is the basis of the definition of the strategy.

Cikis has developed a proprietary framework to carry out the assessment of the current sustainability performance of the company. The framework refers to the GRI and ISO 26000 guidelines and LCAs on clothing, integrated with the skills of the professionals directly involved.

The framework is divided into three macro-categories: Products and Processes, Supply Chain and Corporate. An exhaustive list of elements to be analysed has been defined for each macro-category, based on the specificities of the sector. For each element analysed (materials, chemical processes, etc.) a benchmark is made between company practices and the main industry standards at an international level. In this way, the company can compare itself with the best practices in the sector and identify the priorities to work on.

Based on the company’s needs, the framework can be integrated with sustainability standards of the company’s clients (ex. Zalando’s sustainability standard).

Raw materials


Management of collections



Information and services to customers

Supply chain traceability

Suppliers' environmental performance

Labour rights

Welfare, diversity and inclusion


Offices, stores and transports

Vision, quick wins and planning

We design a Vision and a sustainability plan that allows the company to move from the current sustainability performance to the desired performance, defining S.M.A.R.T. objectives on the basis of the company’s priorities and values ​​and the needs of competitiveness.

Implementation and communication

Once the strategy has been defined, Cikis helps the company implement activities, from the selection of materials to the use of design techniques for sustainable collections, to the implementation of traceability systems of the supply chain and communication of sustainability.

During implementation, Cikis ensures that the company is always at the forefront of sustainability by monitoring objectives and KPIs and checking for updates to regulations, best practices and buyers’ sustainability standards.

Knowledge transfer

Once projects have been set up and implemented, Cikis ensures that the technical skills are transferred to the company's internal team, to make it independent in sustainability decisions.

X mt

Impacted fabric

Y kg

Virgin plastics eliminated

Our goal is to help fashion companies have a positive impact on the environment and people.

Let’s define together the best path for you