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Our services

Everything you need to implement your sustainability strategy

Our services are designed to support any company in the fashion sector, regardless of its initial level of sustainability.
From the design of the sustainability strategy to the preparation of Sustainability Reports and to the support in getting certified: discover all our sustainability services for fashion companies!

Specialisation courses and company trainings

We carry out training activities for companies that want to train their internal team on the environmental and social priorities of the sector and on the most effective tools to address them. We also offer specialisation courses for professionals and students who want to become Sustainability Managers in a fashion company or to become Sustainability Consultants.

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Verification of sustainability claims

We collaborate with lawyers specialised in EU Regulation to verify that companies' sustainability claims comply with the ever-changing regulations.

We also make sure that the claims related to the certifications are compliant with the related guidelines, thus allowing companies to avoid penalties.

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Sustainability communication

We offer companies the opportunity to make the most of their commitment undertaken in the field of sustainability through truthful and effective communication.

Based on the needs and resources already available, we structure an ad hoc communication plan both for companies that need a simple technical review and for those who want to implement a communication plan on sustainability from scratch.

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Sustainability Report

The Sustainability Report is an annual report published on a voluntary or mandatory basis which communicates the economic, social and environmental impacts of the organisation to corporate stakeholders.

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Research and selection of materials and suppliers

We have a constantly updated proprietary database of suppliers with sustainable solutions, which allows us to suggest the most suitable one for a company's needs.

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Compliance with buyers' standards

Buyers are increasingly demanding and their sustainability standards are increasingly stringent. We support companies to meet buyers' requirements easily and efficiently, establishing priorities and intermediate objectives along the adjustment path.

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Sustainability certifications

We support companies in choosing the most suitable sustainability certifications for the activity and the type of products offered.

In addition to suggesting the certifications that are more in line with company activity, we support companies in managing the related bureaucracy.

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Achievement of B Corp certification

The B Corp Certification is used to identify companies that, in addition to having profit objectives, meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

We help companies to identify priority actions to meet the requirements necessary to obtain the certification.

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Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and GHG emissions calculation

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is an analytical methodology that evaluates the environmental footprint of a product/service throughout its entire life cycle.

Our experts calculate the GHG emissions and environmental footprint of products, which is a preparatory activity for projects such as emissions compensation, environmental impact reduction, communication and reporting.

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CO₂ compensation

We allow companies to have products labelled as “carbon neutral” thanks to the combination of activities to reduce CO₂ and greenhouse gases and offset residual emissions.

Companies can offset the greenhouse gas emissions generated by your business by investing in different types of projects. We help companies select the project that best suits their needs and support them in the path of CO₂ compensation.

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Not sure where to start?
Cikis helps you to structure a strategic sustainability plan starting from scratch!

If you are a micro/small business and you want to become more sustainable quickly and in an affordable way

Cikis Fashion Sustainability Accelerator

Contact us for more information about the services we offer, we will find the best solution to support your business

Based on the company's goals, we will identify the service or combination of services that will achieve them most effectively.

Write us what service you would like more information for, and we will contact you for a phone follow-up.

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Starting the sustainability transformation is not only an act of responsibility, but it is also a necessary action in order not to become obsolete.

Let's build together the best path for you