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We help your company acquire greater credibility in the eyes of customers and meet their demands by obtaining sustainability certifications.

Sustainability certifications ensure that companies possess environmental or social performance, thanks to the verification of a third party that certifies that a company or product is compliant with specific requirements.

Why obtain a sustainability certification?

  • It allows you to gain greater credibility in the eyes of customers and improve brand image by demonstrating the company's commitment to environmental and social issues;
  • It simplifies access to "green" financing, economic incentives, and tax breaks, attracting public and private investors;
  • It guarantees social and/or environmental performance through the verification of a third party, which ensures that a company, process, or product is compliant with certain requirements;
  • It makes up for regulatory shortcomings: the fashion industry is one of the industrial sectors with the least regulation in environmental terms;
  • It promotes informed purchasing by communicating verified and standardized environmental and/or social performance.

80% of consumers think it is important for fashion brands to have sustainability certifications.

Source: Fashion Revolution Consumer Survey 2020

How we support you in obtaining sustainability certifications:

If you want to obtain sustainability certifications:

We support you in adopting the sustainability certifications required by your main clients or in identifying and acquiring the certifications most suitable for your business strategy, possibly accompanying them with ad hoc complementary measures. The activity includes the following phases:

  • Light-Assessment of the zero status to identify the most suitable certifications for the reference business (in the case of proactive acquisition of certification)
  • Contact with the certifying body
  • Completion of procedures
  • Support during the audit phase

If you want support in communicating sustainability certifications:

We ensure that the communication made by your company on sustainability certifications complies with the guidelines of the relevant certification scheme to avoid sanctions and/or reputational risks.

If you want help in managing bureaucracy related to sustainability certifications:

We help you recognize and manage the necessary documentation to guarantee the traceability and validity of the certification chain.

Among our case studies:

Atlantis Headwear

Atlantis Headwear is an Italian company specialized in the design and production of high-quality hats and caps since 1995.

Some of the activities carried out with Atlantis Headwear:

  • Analysis of sustainability claims, verification of documentation proving claims related to certifications and claims on recycled and/or organic materials made in communication materials, and identification of critical issues and opportunities for further enhancement
  • Support in obtaining the necessary documentation from suppliers to ensure verifiability of claims on recycled and/or organic materials made
  • Technical training workshop on communication guidelines for GRS, GOTS, and OCS standards

"In our path towards sustainability, we have set important goals, and Cikis has proved to be a fundamental partner in communicating our commitment in a responsible way. Their expertise has been decisive in structuring the strategy and planning future actions."

Morena Vukobratovic
Atlantis Headwear

The world of sustainability certifications is vast and complex. Do you want to be supported?
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