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Compensation of CO₂
and carbon neutrality

We offer a CO₂ compensation service that allows your company to obtain concrete results immediately and communicate its commitment, with the certainty of a verified and controlled process.

Carbon offsetting is an optimal solution both for companies that have already started their sustainability path and want to work on carbon neutrality and for companies that are approaching sustainability for the first time and want to invest together with those who have been doing it for years.

What is it about?

Carbon Offsetting

The carbon offsetting activity consists in purchasing a number of carbon credits equal exactly to the carbon emissions to be offset, through the implementation of one or more environmental protection projects that improve, at the same time, the quality of life of local communities.

Carbon Neutrality

Carbon neutrality means reaching net carbon emissions for a company, a site, a product, a brand or an event, which is obtained:

  1. reducing as much as possible the emissions produced in carrying out the activities subject to intervention
  2. offsetting the remaining emissions by purchasing an equivalent amount of carbon credits (carbon offsetting)

Carbon neutrality is a fundamental goal to ensure that corporate efforts are in line with global climate goals.

Do you want to start your journey towards carbon offsetting?

Here is how we support your company on this journey:

If your company's goal is to offset carbon emissions:


We select the international and certified projects that best reflect the brand values


Once the budget available to the company has been defined, together we confirm the projects in which to invest and the number of carbon credits to offset


Following the formalisation of the compensation request in terms of project type, budget and quantity, we start the carbon credit purchase procedure


We issue your company with a certificate relating to the cancellation of carbon credits


A company landing page will be developed in order to trace carbon offsets and any national forestry interventions


All marketing materials can then be embedded in the company's web pages

If your company's goal is to make one or more "carbon neutral" products:


We help your company to identify the product(s) which are more suitable (we usually select products with lower carbon footprint)


We calculate emissions generated over the entire life cycle of the reference product(s) with our LCA service (optional step if the company already has reliable and authoritative data)


We proceed with the steps indicated for the process of offsetting CO₂, emissions, using data relating to the emissions calculated for the reference product(s)


We issue the "carbon neutral product" label, to be applied to the reference product(s)

Contact us, and we will help you identify the optimal CO₂ offsetting path for your company!

Discover our carbon offsetting projects

These are certified international projects located mainly in South-East Asia, Africa and South America, mainly connected to the installation of photovoltaic, wind or hydroelectric plants or to REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) projects.

NB If the selected project is no longer available in the future, we will try to replace it with another one with similar characteristics.

CO₂ offsetting is a relevant practice that can significantly reduce the environmental impact of a company; however, the first step to take is still to reduce emissions to a minimum.

Not sure where to start?