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Sustainability legal

We guarantee compliance of your fashion company with European regulations.

In order to ensure sustainable business models, companies often opt for self-regulatory tools. However, these efforts do not necessarily lead to synergistic and harmonized objectives. Therefore, institutions have intervened.

Regulations in the fashion industry are increasing, with growing attention following the COVID-19 pandemic, which has accelerated the development of a regulatory framework for sustainability.

Regulation of sustainability issues is a growing trend globally, with the European Union aiming to establish itself as a leader.

Regulatory interventions demonstrate a willingness to promote a transition towards sustainable progress.

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One of the key references at the European level:
EU Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles

On March 31, 2022, the European Commission published the "EU Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles", a roadmap of initiatives that the EU intends to undertake to make the textile and fashion industry more sustainable.

Among the macro objectives:


  • Eco-design requirements to increase durability, recyclability, and reparability
  • Increase in recycled materials
  • Reduction of plastic and microplastics
  • Tightening of regulations on chemicals (REACH, Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability)
  • Product authenticity guarantees to combat counterfeiting


  • Mandatory environmental labelling
  • Information to prolong product life and manage end-of-life
  • Extension of obligations and introduction of new standards for non-financial reporting
  • Verifiability and transparency of environmental claims

End of life - Waste

  • Extended producer responsibility
  • Separate collection of textile waste
  • Ban on the destruction of returned or unsold products
  • Implementation of circular business models and recycling and reuse policies
  • New technologies for stock management and on-demand production

Here's how we support your company:

Support for green claims

We verify the legal aspects of environmental statements regarding products and business processes in order to avoid the risk of greenwashing and related sanctions, as well as reputational risks.

Compliance with Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

We support the company in complying with regulations already in force in some European countries such as Germany and France.

Transformation/creation of Benefit Corporations

We support the company in drafting statutory clauses and identifying common benefit objectives that will guide the drafting of the Impact Report.

Drafting of Ethics and Conduct Codes

We draft the Code of Ethics and Conduct, an essential tool for communicating the principles and values that inspire a company's actions and ensuring compliance with whistleblowing regulations.

Design and registration of individual trademarks at national, European and international levels

Signs that convey messages related to the sustainability of a product or the sustainable vision of a company are becoming increasingly common. We precisely calibrate the message and graphics to ensure a linear registration process that complies with current regulations.

Constant updates on regulations

We update companies on the latest European and non-European regulations, which are constantly evolving. Being aware of the development of the legal framework is the first step in avoiding reputational and operational risks.

Training on legal issues related to sustainability in fashion

We provide training that provides a comprehensive overview of the EU legal framework and delves into the operational impact of regulations on fashion industry companies.

Take proactive steps to mitigate operational risks and seize opportunities offered by the evolving regulatory framework!