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Sustainability Communication Pack

We offer companies the opportunity to make the most of their commitment undertaken in the field of sustainability through truthful and effective communication


Claims that contain unsubstantiated generic claims such as "be conscious" or "environmentally friendly"


Companies that make exaggerated, false or misleading online green claims


Cases in which easily accessible elements in support of the claims made are not shared

Source: European Commssion

Many of the sustainability claims found online are not authentic and the risk of greenwashing is high

Sustainability Communication Pack:
what is it?

Our communication pack supports companies in authentic and effective sustainability communication and includes 4 activities:

1 Preliminary analysis

To structure an ad hoc communication plan for the company, it is necessary to carry out an analysis of its sustainability performance, of company values and needs, of the communication that is already carried out, and of its competitors.

  • Light check-up: light analysis of the company's sustainability performance
  • Workshop: activity carried out with the company management to identify the corporate values which will be the basis of the sustainability communication
  • "As-is-analysis": analysis of the company's communication carried out on social media, website and brochures (if any)
  • Light competitor analysis:
    • Identification of the critical sustainability aspects for the reference sector
    • Identification of any communication gaps in the market in which the company can emerge
    • Identification of the differentiating aspects on which it is possible to invest

2 Creation of the editorial strategy

Following the analysis, it is necessary to prioritise the aspects of sustainability to be valued and to define every necessary element (ToV, editorial streams and template, etc ...) to structure the editorial strategy. In this phase, the following elements will be defined:

  • Focal messages: identification of the aspects to be valued in sustainability communication
  • Tone of Voice (ToV): definition of the character and personality that the company wants to give to its communication, which should be coherent with the brand identity
  • Editorial stream: definition of the type and flow of editorial contents
  • Templates and first creatives: standard graphic templates for the various editorial contents and delivery of the first creatives

3 Internal training on sustainability communication

It is possible to request the provision of ad hoc training that will allow the company team to understand the critical aspects of sustainability communication:

  • Active and upcoming regulations on sustainability communication
  • False myths and best practices of sustainability communication
  • How to use sustainability communication to acquire new customers

The training will provide the company with the tools to begin to carry out a correct sustainability communication independently.

4 Ongoing activities

We offer the possibility of carrying out an editorial production and a content creation activity.

If the editorial production is carried out internally by the company, we can carry out a monthly review of contents to ensure the correctness of the sustainability communication carried out by the company.

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