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Specialisation courses and company training

We believe that information and awareness are the starting points for sustainable progress.

To maintain competitiveness, it is crucial that companies stay updated on market demands. Sustainability is now a fundamental issue and consumer demands, as well as regulations, are constantly evolving.

We provide training activities for companies that want to train their internal team on environmental and social priorities in the industry and on the most effective tools to address them.

We offer two types of training:

“Ad hoc” training courses

If you are interested in a customized training course for your company and specific topics.

Cikis Training

If you are interested in a comprehensive training course to integrate sustainability into your company at 360 degrees.

Customized training courses

We provide ad hoc sustainability courses for companies on topics such as:
  • Sustainability regulations
  • Materials and certifications
  • Supply chain analysis
  • Traceability systems
  • Sustainability communication and guidelines to avoid greenwashing risk
  • Environmental management of offices
  • Welfare, diversity, and inclusion
and on ad hoc topics based on business needs.

Cikis Training Program

With our Training Program, a comprehensive training package on sustainability topics in fashion, we help your company align with global climate goals and provide useful tools to address sustainability aspects that are a priority for your business.


Online - Live streaming
Training organized individually for each company


4 modules of 2 hours


Textile sector companies


The Training Program consists of 4 modules of 2 hours and addresses the main priorities of fashion companies. The modules that will be addressed are the following:

1. Sustainability fundamentals and regulations

  • Industry trends (consumers, buyers, brands, and supply chains): priorities for a brand to remain competitive in the market
  • Upcoming regulations and their potential operational impact on the company
  • Environmental and social impacts of the fashion industry: priorities for a brand to reduce its impact

2. Materials and certifications

  • How to identify preferred materials and the pros and cons of alternative materials, after verifying the materials most used by the company
  • Overview of the most reliable and recognized product certifications
  • How to verify supplier and product compliance
  • Guidelines for communication that complies with standards
  • Practical workshop: real-time verification of the documentation obtained by the company from its suppliers and identification of potential gaps

3. Environmental assessment of suppliers

  • Main impacts along the supply chain
  • How to design a sustainable procurement strategy
  • Main tools to verify supplier performance
  • Real-time verification of any supplier documents already available
  • Practical workshop:
    • delivery of the supplier questionnaire template
    • after 2 weeks, checkpoint to verify the received supplier questionnaires

4. Sustainability communication

  • Best practices and myths of sustainability communication
  • How to avoid greenwashing risk based on EU regulations
  • Practical workshop: real-time verification and improvement of sustainability communication materials

Among our instructors:

Serena Moro

Sustainability consultant specialised in project planning, with specific attention to the development of sustainable and traced supply chains.
She has founded Cikis to make a concrete impact in the world of fashion.

Valentina Di Leo

For 15 years she has been supporting companies and associations in the construction of effective communication strategies. She is a Partner of Forest Valley, the non-profit created to accelerate climate innovation in Europe. 

We have provided training for:

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and trained over 120 professionals and companies!

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